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Commercial Building Inspection

We offer professional inspections for a variety of commercial properties including apartments, condos, office buildings, and warehouses.

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Energy Consulting

Our energy consulting services can help lower operational costs and implement more environmentally friendly energy sources.

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Construction Progress Inspection

No construction project is the same. We offer routine inspections to ensure your project is staying on time and on budget.

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Grow Facility Inspection

Grow facilities face certain challenges controlling air quality, preventing mold, and preventing fires. We are able to customize an inspection to fit your needs.

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Annual Maintenance Inspection

Preventative maintenance inspections can keep you updated on any changes in your property’s condition. Stay informed and avoid costly repairs by having one of our professional inspectors visit once a year.

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Add-On Services

We have add-on services such as aerial imaging, thermal imaging, and air quality testing. Click below to learn more about these services.